Choice of Lectures

You are entirely free in choosing your lectures. However, the Faculty of Law strongly recommends that you participate in the lecture “Introduction to German Law”.

In general, you may attend any lecture offered by the University. Only in few cases admission will be restricted. 

ECTS credits will generally be awarded for lectures in law only. There is one exception: The Faculty of Law provides specific language courses for which credits will also be awarded.

How many ECTS credits do you get for your chosen lectures?

For participating in a one-hour lecture every week you will be given three credits, a two-hour lecture will get you six credits. However, ECTS credits will only be awarded if you pass the corresponding exam.

Information about lectures offered at the Faculty of Law / University of Kiel

Information about all lectures offered at the University of Kiel can be found in the university calendar (Link). The button “Extras” and then “Alle Veranstaltungen unter dieser Überschrift” will lead you to a list of all lectures.