3. International Law

The Faculty of Law has a lot to offer particularly in the field of international and comparative law. The Walther Schücking Institute for International Law is the oldest university institute for public international law. There are currently three professors at the institute, one of them specialising in the international law of the sea. The Institute of East European Law is the only university institute in Germany with a focus on civil and economic law in Eastern Europe, including the post-soviet States of the Caucasus region and Central Asia. The Institute of European and International Private and Procedural Law

hosts two professors with an international reputation in the fields of copyright law, international civil procedure law and international banking law. Another institutes has its focus on the international and European social law. The majority of the other professors also include in their work elements of international and comparative law, e.g. the philosphy of law and the European or comparative history of law as well as international criminal law and European economic law.