Kiel University Faculty of Law

  • Welcome to the Faculty of Law
    of Kiel University!

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Reasons for studying in Kiel

  • 1. Comprehensive University

    2. Comprehensive Faculty of Law

    3. International Law

    4. Lectures & Language Courses

    5. Excellent Assistance

    6. Attractive City



    For news of upcoming events, please visit the website of the WSI.

    Following English lectures are given in the summer term 2015.

Contact Information:

  • Departmental Coordinator:

    Carmen ThiesCarmen Thies

    Westring 400, R.03.37
    Phone: +49 431 880-1733
    Fax: +49 431 880-1619

    ERASMUS Representative of the Faculty of Law:

    Prof Dr. Andreas von Arnauld